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Training and coaching

Commotive offers training and coaching for people who want to start investing in property in the UK too. With How To Become A Property Investor we teach you the basic principles of investing in property, starting your first project and building your own property business. The ultimate goal is to show you how to become financially independent and build recurring and passive income from property. 

We also offer you personal and individual training and coaching. As this is personal we ask you to contact us to discuss your personal plans and ambitions. Together we will see what the best approach for you will be.

Main topics of training and coaching:

  1. Why invest in property and why in the UK
  2. How to define your investment strategy
  3. How to choose your market and target group
  4. How to invest short and long term
  5. How to structure your business
  6. How to plan, manage and control your projects and properties
  7. How to manage risks and liabilities
  8. How to plan and control finances (incl. taxes)
  9. How to start your first investment project
  10. How to grow your property business

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